tisdag 29 augusti 2017

International Tournament of Art & Craft - ITAC'17 - Challenge 2 - Asia

This is my take on the second challenge of ITAC-17.

If you want to know more about the challenge you can find information here.

I have made an art journal page using most of the things that should be included, like motifs inspired by mandalas, Geometric shapes, Calligraphy or handwriting, Fabric, faded or dyed and Powdered pigments.

When I read the instructions I got stuck by buddhist monks and decided to use yellow and orange as my colours for the base.

Then I used some origami papers which I have bought in Japan to make a mandala. I cut out geometric shapes like small rectangles and circles for the mandala

I used brushos in two different colours to colour my gauze. I used the gauze to mat the picture

The title is handwritten

#itac17 #itac17challenge2 #aallandcreate

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