söndag 3 september 2017

International Tournament of Art & Craft - ITAC'17 - Challenge 3 - Oceania

This is my take on the third challenge of ITAC-17.

If you want to know more about the challenge you can find information here.

I have made a canvas board for this challenge. We were asked to use one or more of the following

- Patterns inspired by traditional symbols (Maori tattoos, Dots/dashes of aboriginal Arts…)
- Think Monochromatic black and white or think colors of the Earth.
- Some sort of organic or natural material(s) (earth, stone, bone, bark, wood, fibres…)
- Shapes inspired by traditional or indigenous art

I decided to use the patterns from Maori tattoos as the base for my art piece

Even if I wanted my canvas to be kind of monochromatic, I also wanted the eye to be the focal point so I chose blue for the eye

With black colour and 3D matte gel I got some texture on my canvas mimicking the pattern of the Maori tattoo

I used feathers as the organic part. Alas my feathers was not black and white

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